One of the things I love about AGO is how consistently the fraternity has provided a foundation and template for men to grow in their knowledge of Christ and getting to know Him more intimately. When asked what level of impact AGO had on their spiritual lives during college, almost all answer that it was either very important or instrumental… Read more →

Having a Good Day

I was talking with a friend today and he was relating how it was a tough week. Work was stressful and things at home were not much better. On one particularly rough day he received “out of the blue” an encouraging email from an old friend. She reminisced about her husband meeting him and how they talked for only 20… Read more →

Winning Others to a Saving Knowledge

At Alpha Gamma Omega, our first purpose is to win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Below is a story from one of our brothers, Jake DiLaura on how he fulfilled that purpose and brought a man to Christ while on a mission trip. Jake was granted a financial donation from AGOm that helped allow him to go… Read more →

AGO – Just a Young Man’s Thing?

I’ve been struck recently by all the changes playing out from the Covid19 pandemic. People are craving connectivity in a more meaningful way since so many of us are holed up in our homes. It has also made us reminisce to the point of taking actions we haven’t done in the past.  As an example, there was a group text… Read more →

AGO Ministries Vision

For those of you who were unable to attend the annual Founder’s Day Banquet, we wanted to give an update on AGO Ministries. We exist to promote missions, ministry and scholarship to honor Jesus Christ and to show God’s love to college campuses and beyond. The purpose of AGO Ministries is to expose AGO men to the opportunities of serving… Read more →

Statement from Alpha Gamma Omega about COVID19

Brothers, friends, and family of AΓΩ, We, like the rest of the country and the world, have felt the shock of this pandemic. We understand this is a crazy and uncertain moment, unprecedented in our lifetimes. We understand many of you may be feeling anxious, uncertain, and fearful of what the future holds. Our hope and prayer is that Christ… Read more →

Tenderloin Mission Trip

“He yelled, “HEY! You’re just a privileged *bleep*. “If your God is a God of love, WHY DID HE LET ME GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE WHILE I WAS SLEEPING, ROBBED OF ALL MY STUFF, AND LEFT ON THE STREETS TO DIE? If you claim to be love, why won’t you let me into your house, let me wash my… Read more →

Middle East Mission Trip

“He was in Aleppo 8 years ago when one of the first bombs went off there. It was really cool to get to connect with this dude about who God was, and to get to present the Gospel to him.” TJ Berry from our Santa Barbara Chapter went on a Cru mission trip to the Middle East this spring! This… Read more →

6-Month Dating Fast

  “Girls had been my main priority. That was something I needed to surrender – thinking about girls. I’m not out there to impress anybody or start anything while I’m supposed to be pursuing God.” Ryan McGaha at our Fresno State Chapter just finished a dating fast! His experience with it was encouraging, so we decided to highlight it! He… Read more →