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Your gift to AGO Ministries goes towards

  • Christ-centered leadership development and training to members of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity
  • Scholarships and financial assistance for prospective Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity members 
  • Ministry Grants for Short-term mission trips for Alpha Gamma Omega members
  • Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity expansion efforts 
  • AGO Ministries Regional Advisors
  • AGO Ministries Operations and Executive staff 


AGO Ministries is a Christian 501 (c)(3) organization that is committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity. AGO Ministries specifically focuses on creating Christ-centered leadership development structures and training to members of the Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity. AGO Ministries provides guidance, oversight, and support to the members of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity.

AGO Ministries also provides scholarships for potential new members, active members, and members that are participating in short-term mission trips. 

AGO Ministries is separate from Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity operations.

The mission of AGO Ministries is to equip the next generation of Christian Leaders in college. We believe that the college years are the most formative years of a young man’s life. Our mission is to provide support to the members of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity by providing Christ-centered leadership training, spiritual guidance and support, and tangible equipping for running their chapter to their fullest potential. A well functioning Alpha Gamma Omega collegiate chapter can be a powerful “Light” for Christ on any college campus, and it is the mission of AGO Ministries to see this mission realized.

Your contributions are used to finance the 1) operations of AGO Ministries and to 2) provide scholarships various needs of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity members. 

Your contributions are essential to the smooth functioning of our organization. AGO Ministries is dedicated to financing Regional Advisors, Operational staff, and carefully selected executive personnel who offer both operational expertise and spiritual guidance to the chapters of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity. Our Regional Advisors engage in leadership coaching, spiritual mentorship, and the facilitation of leadership training and retreats, while the operational staff oversees aspects such as alumni networking, fundraising, and various administrative responsibilities. 

Your financial support serves as a cornerstone for AGO Ministries, enabling us to realize the ambitious goals and aspirations of Alpha Gamma Omega. We express our deepest appreciation for your partnership in our mission.

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    • AGO Ministries Inc.
    • 1968 South Coast Highway Unit 535, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  3. To give non-cash gifts such as stocks, bonds, IRAs, cryptocurreny, wills, trusts, etc. Please contact us at [email protected] 

If you have any issues or difficulties, email [email protected]

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  • Gold status is for those who donate $250 per month
  • Platinum status is for those who donate $1000+ per month

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