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Looking to impact your campus for Christ? Bring AGO for the first time to your school? Re-found one of our chapters? Here’s how you can do it!


  • Step 1: Interest and applications from prospective founders, prospective president interviews with the National President (varies, typically 1-2 weeks)
  • Step 2: Recruit other founders, submit at least 15 Statements of Faith, begin meeting, have a group interview with National Council, and gain colony recognition from AGO National Leadership (varies, typically 1-4 months)
  • Step 3: Initial founders host recruitment events to recruit more founders, after which all colony members complete the pledge process together and are invited to informal initiation (8-10 weeks)
  • Step 4: After the pledge process is completed, and approved by National Council, founders who have completed the pledge process are to hold their first rush in the semester following their pledge semester (1 week)
  • Step 5: Upon successful completion of first rush and vote of approval by National Council, the colony will begin a pledge process for their new members (8-10 weeks).
  • Step 6: Upon successful completion of initiation for new members, and an approval vote from National Council, colony will be recognized as an official chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega.

To get the ball rolling, please contact us, at [email protected]

Please download and read the Colonization Overview PDF document and submit the Phase 1 Document via e-mail to the address above.

Founder Testimonials

"Helping found a chapter of AGO gave me the opportunity to create a legacy that was worth leaving. Thanks to the hard work that my brothers and I put in during the colonization process (and by the grace of God,) thousands of future college students will have the chance to experience the brotherhood that fraternities provide while being able to simultaneously deepen their relationship with Christ!"
Hunter McDaniel
Founding President, Upsilon (Appalchian State) Chapter
"Helping re-found the Omicron chapter at UNCC grew me not only in my leadership abilities, but also in my walk with God. Looking back now, I can say with certain I became a stronger man for my future family and more importantly for God"
Sean Perry
Founder, Omicron II (UNC Charlotte) Chapter

For any additional questions, email