What is ΑΓΩ?

Alpha Gamma Omega is a National Christ-Centered social fraternity. Established in 1927 at UCLA, we now have chapters at universities in California and Colorado.

While 70% of guys lose their faith in the transition from high school to college, AΓΩ acts as a bridge that maintains and strengthens relationships with both God and other brothers in Christ.

AΓΩ chapters are more than just fraternity houses or dwellings. They are hubs of leadership development. They are a core in which lifelong friendships are forged. They are epicenters of spiritual growth and maturity. They are brotherhoods. They are homes. They are communities of college men actively seeking to grow in their relationships with their brothers in Christ and with God.

Brotherhood. Spiritual Growth. Leadership. This is AΓΩ.



Identity Statement

As a social fraternity on college campuses, our Christ-Centered brotherhood seeks to know, love, and glorify God and be used by Him to establish, equip, and encourage lifelong followers of God.  


During the school year of 1926-27, three students at the University of California, Los Angeles met during lunch for prayer and fellowship. E. Harlan Fischer, Frank Young, and James Carter looked forward to the establishment of a Christian club on campus. Fischer sent letters to 35 students during the Christmas break. A dinner meeting was held for these young men at the Green Dragon Cafe on January 7, 1927, and 16 gathered there to discuss their possibilities.

Those present at the cafe felt that a Christian fraternity, founded on Christian ideals and fellowship, would be more reputable than a Christian club. E. Harlan Fischer appointed a committee to draw up a Constitution. This Constitution was submitted and accepted at the first official meeting of the Fraternity on February 15, 1927. Twelve men signed as charter members.

In a 1944 letter to the Alpha Chapter at UCLA, founder E. Harlan Fischer wrote, “the primary purpose of AGO was to provide Christian fellowship for born again men thrown into an atmosphere of Godlessness and to give forth a testimony to others of the saving and keeping power of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Today, nearly 90 years since the founding of Alpha Gamma Omega, the Fraternity is still committed to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands of men have served Christ at our chapters in California and Colorado, and now serve him around the world.


Lifelong Brotherhood

Alpha Gamma Omega is a Christ-Centered social fraternity. We believe true, lasting brotherhood is found in Jesus. College is a unique opportunity to develop our unique talents in service of our brothers and our communities. Working together intentionally during these years gives us the leadership skills necessary to excel in work and life–and it forges life-long bonds. We get to witness the saving and keeping power of Jesus in the lives of our brothers to the very end.

Academic Excellence

Alpha Gamma Omega is committed to the academic excellence of its members. All active members are required to maintain a good scholastic average. When compared to the average university and fraternity GPAs at the schools where we have chapters, Alpha Gamma Omega consistently achieves one of the highest averages!

Alpha Gamma Omega provides practical support for members to succeed in college. AGO Ministries (AGOm) was created in 2004 to provide financial support for missions, ministry, and scholarship. If you are a High School senior who is going to attend a university where we have a chapter, Apply for a Scholarship now!

Pismo Beach Flag Football TournamentSpiritual Growth

Men are called upon to serve their families, churches, and communities. A lifetime of service requires preparation, and God uses this fraternal brotherhood in amazing ways to do so.

Our goals helps us focus our efforts to develop these kinds of men:


Godly. To develop Christ-like men of integrity – men who know and live by unchanging biblical truths, demonstrating the love and holiness of Christ Himself to a dying world.

Well-balanced. To develop complete men of God – men who carry the Lordship of Christ into every area of life, pursuing excellence in spiritual, social, athletic, academic and artistic pursuits.

Brave. To develop courageous men who impact the collegiate community – men trained to carry their faith into the classroom, sharing the life-changing gospel with their spiritually lost peers whom they befriend.

Well-prepared. To develop competent men ready to serve Christ well during their lifetime – men provided with life experiences where they gain everyday basic skills, abilities that will bless their families, employers, churches and nations.

Preamble to the Constitution of Alpha Gamma Omega

Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we, as Christian young men of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, purpose that it shall be the aim of this fraternity to win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to promote Christian fellowship, to present Christian ideals in word and deed, to search reverently for the truth, to uphold the traditions and ideals of the university, and to deepen the spiritual lives of the members.

Fraternity Statement of Faith

I hereby publicly confess my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and only Savior and give witness to the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I will make it a purpose of my life to continue in fellowship with God through prayer and the reading of the Holy Scriptures.

Significance of the Fraternity Letters

Alpha and Omega represent the sovereign majesty of God and His dominion and lordship over all things. These letters come from the book of Revelation, where Jesus Christ says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” The letter Gamma represents Christ, who is the center and foundation of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity.

Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee acts as the Board of Directors of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity. These men are leaders in their families, churches, and communities. They give their time to the administration and oversight of the national fraternity.