In Memoriam: Christopher Crossan, A-436

Brothers, Friends, and Family of AGO,

It is with great sadness to inform you that our AGO brother Chris Crossan, A-436, died on Feb 6 of complications from COVID19. Chris is a Legion of Honor member and has served the Lord and AGO over these many decades. He has also been a Founder’s Day speaker.    

Chris has degrees from UCLA, University of San Francisco and Fuller Theological Seminary. He studied ancient Greek and Hebrew and was fluent in Turkish, German and English. He spent 18 years in Europe and the Middle East serving with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board in both Germany and Turkey reaching the Kurds for Jesus. He was currently serving as a pastor at Gateway Church in Alhambra.   

Chris is a shining example of his love of Christ and his faithful service in sharing the gospel overseas and here at home.   

The AGO family will miss him greatly, but we rejoice in knowing he is enjoying the presence of his Savior.