Hope. A four-letter word that we see so much, in the scriptures, in the media, and COVID related email taglines. A word that at times can feel fleeting, distant, and almost unattainable in our present context.

Luckily for us, we have the everlasting and unrelenting hope of Christ. The hope that He is still actively moving in our lives, gaining territory for the Kingdom, and moving through us as His followers. It is my prayer that each of you reading this may still experience the hope in him, as it says in Romans 13:15 “’may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with the hope of the Holy Spirit.”

In my capacity of working for and serving AGO full time, I love the stories of hope I hear. Stories about how Jesus is still moving through AGO, even during this pandemic. A few days ago, I was catching up and checking in with Jordan, the chaplain of our Psi (West Chester University) chapter.

It was so refreshing hearing from him about how both God was currently working through himself and the rest of his chapter.  Jordan told me some very encouraging ways God has been moving in their chapter lately.  

May I share with you a bit about how Christ is still moving in that chapter?

From the words of Jordan;

              “God is moving in PSI chapter, we are building up our fraternity, our church, to glorify him. We are building biblical literacy and preparing for a season of ministry in our community through Bible Clusters. We are taking prayer incredibly serious and praying for one another individually, as well as for our collect efforts to maintain God’s will as our number one priority at PSI chapter”

This is not just a story exclusive to the Psi chapter. So many of our other chapters have the same stories in how God is still moving in their midst during this season, even through exclusively digital means.

While hope can feel distant during this bleak time, the hope and work Christ continues, and through AGO. Though His work is still going on, we need your help in ensuring AGO’s security through this.

If you are in a place to, consider signing up for Alumni Dues. If you are already giving, consider raising. If you have fallen off from giving, consider re-starting your old gift. If you currently cannot give fiscally, please keep AGO in your prayers at noon each day.

Your gifts and prayers empower AGO to keep impacting young men as Christ followers, even through worldwide pandemics.

Will you prayerfully consider joining us?

Thank you and Strong the Ties

Owen “Gillespie” Welch

AGO National Staff