Laying the Groundwork

One of the things I love about AGO is how many brothers deepen their faith, establish eternal relationships and some are moved to go into full-time missions work. Don’t get me wrong, we are all really in full-time ministry regardless of whether you sit at a desk, pound nails or sweep floors for a living. But I am always encouraged by hearing stories from those in the field of service and missionary work, sharing the gospel and practically meeting the needs of those less fortunate than me.

Thought I’d share an update from Dave Brodsky, Zeta Founder and missionary with The Global Mission, from the harvest field in Haiti.

Seeing an opening between tropical storms and COVID outbreaks, I flew into Port au Prince to meet with our Haitian staff, visit our children’s shelter and host a community outreach. The country is facing tremendous challenges spiritually and economically, and the pressures on the ministry leaders are also immense.

This week my small team of three has been able come alongside them on both fronts. We have been speaking encouragement from God’s Word, helping to solve staff conflicts, and spending time individually with as many of the staff and children as possible.

We were also able to install a new solar energy system at the children’s shelter. Haiti is short of so many resources but the sun is not among them. Now we are able to access that resource and have power.

We also had a gazebo built so that during the COVID quarantine, children could continue to study in the shade with a breeze. (These 35 children at the shelter have been saved from being orphaned and trafficked and are sponsored through the Chanje Movement in the United States.)

We were also able to bring all the staff embroidered polo shirts to help them have pride in their role and work. Finally, we were able to share food and the Gospel with hungry children in the community. What a privilege to be able to serve as Christ’s hands and feet to the least of these in Haiti.

Sharing the gospel, providing basic needs so kids aren’t trafficked, training leaders and practically sharing the love of Christ. Those are the types of things we are all called to do, whether it is in another country or right in our own backyard.

AGO provides the environment for laying the groundwork for young men to learn a lifelong service to our Savior. Would you be willing to give so we can not only continue this work, but enhance and take it to another level by hiring a full time minister and trainer?

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Jim Johnson

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