If there is a chapter of AGO at your school, consider joining our fraternity! The opportunity to join a Christian fraternity is like no other opportunity you will have in college. With your brothers, you will gain leadership experience, academic support, and ministry opportunities. Visit one of our chapters and get in touch with the members at your university to find out when they are hosting Recruitment events!

To learn more about founding a new chapter at your university, contact our full-time staff, Steven Weier, at

Each chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega hosts its own “Rush” week. Usually, Rush happens twice each school year. Rush is an opportunity to meet the men of AGO and enjoy free food, sports, and games. Rush events are always free, and carry no commitment.

gamma-mens-retreatAfter rush week, the chapter will extend bids, inviting you to become a pledge of Alpha Gamma Omega. The brothers will ask you to prayerfully consider pledging the fraternity. If you accept, you will spend a period of time completing the pledgeship process. Pledgeship is a trial membership, during which time you will become acquainted with the history and values of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity. You will form close bonds with your pledge brothers and the members of the chapter.

Once you successfully complete the pledge period, you will be invited to initiation. Upon completion of initiation, you officially become an active member of your chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega.

Note: You cannot pledge a chapter of AGO at a different college or university than the one you attend. You must be enrolled at the same university where the chapter has its charter.

Visit the About page to learn more about the benefits of membership in Alpha Gamma Omega.

Start a Chapter

For more information on starting a chapter and the necessary forms, please see “How do I start an AGO Chapter?”

Starting a chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega usually takes 6-12 months. To start a chapter, you and 10-15 of your peers will first found a colony at your university. You will work with your fellow colony members to learn the history and ideals of Alpha Gamma Omega. You will learn what it takes to operate a collegiate chapter of the fraternity, under the leadership of AGO alumni.

DSC_4872One or two advisors will be appointed to help you through the colonization process. Your advisors will be AGO alumni who live geographically close enough to the university to attend colony meetings. During the colonization process, you will learn how to lead a chapter by operating your own meetings, Bible studies, social events, and Rush week.

At the end of the colonization process, you will submit an application for your charter to the National Executive Council. Upon approval, you will host a Chartering Banquet, receive your charter, and become a chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega!

The colonization process is a rewarding experience. You will build close friendships with members of AGO all over the country. In the years following your charter, you will get to see your chapter grow, and you will see countless men benefit from your hard work through the brotherhood of Alpha Gamma Omega.