Introduction from DC- Mountain

Hi, I’m Adam “Cougar” Keuhlen, and I’m the new Mountain District Counselor.  I joined AGO in Spring ’08 as a member of the Phi pledge class at CU Boulder ( Ξ 106).  Post grad, I’ve been plumbing full time since 2012, and I am currently an Industrial/Commercial Plumbing Foreman building everything from apartments to schools to factories all up and down Colorado’s front Range. 

It’s because of all this travel that I got roped back in to being an advisor, first for the Phi Colony at DU, and then later at Rho.  When Eeyore asked for volunteers, I stepped up since the gas money was already spent and I was available. I’m glad I did.  Founding Phi remains one of my all-time favorite experiences.  Aside from teaching the men at DU how to do AGO, I’d never had a mentorship position, and being immersed in that role from day one was a shot in the arm for my faith.

That same opportunity- to be a Paul to a chapter of Timothy’s- Is one I encourage every alumni to step in to.  90% of the time, the work is perfunctory, “you need a simple majority for that vote,” sort of stuff.  No glamor at all.  But that remaining 10%?  It’s pure, uncut “live your catechism under fire and lead with grace.”  What do you do when Brothers are fighting?  How do you guide them to reconciliation with love and wisdom from past experiences?  How do you get them to see past the surface levels of their beliefs and encourage them to dig deeper and grow stronger?  In truth, I had no idea.  I dove in blindly.  Time after time, I would start a serious conversation with nothing more than an impression on my heart and the Spirit would give me the words.  Every week was an adventure, a trip down memory lane, a struggle, and a triumph. 

If being that Paul is on your heart, both Xi and Rho need Chapter Advisors and I’d be thrilled to walk you through my experiences, how you can apply to fill that need, and give you a few insights I’ve learned along the way. If you can’t give your time at the moment, consider signing up for Alumni Dues to further the mission of AGO in your giving.  
Strong the Ties,
Adam “Cougar” Keuhlan
DC- Mountain