Starting an Alumni Chapter

What is an alumni chapter?

Alumni chapters are AGO social & discipleship groups. They continue to fulfill the 3 pillars of in-reach, brotherhood, and outreach by providing members with opportunities to pour into each other, other alumni, active collegiate chapters, and doing outreach. Whether the group meets for Bible study, meals, or outdoors activities, the structure of the meetings is up to the members to decide. Right now, there are currently 5 alumni chapters: Bay Area, Colorado, Fresno, San Diego, and SLO.

Why make an alumni chapter?

Involvement in an alumni chapter is a rewarding and much needed opportunity to give back to the fraternity, providing avenues for greater active-alumni interactions, mentoring, and discipleship. Each alumni chapter also gets a vote at National Convention.  



  • 3 or more dues paying alumni in good standing
  • Approved Statements of Faith (SOFs)
  • Meet at least once per year and turn in minutes


Forming a New Alumni Chapter

  1. E-mail the national VP of Alumni and Secretary to express interest and ask them to create an option for your alumni chapter on the Statement of Faith (SOF) submission webpage 
  2. Have at least 3 dues paying alumni in good standing (including yourself) submit updated SOFs at You can access the SOF prompts here
  3. Go to >> Alumni Chapters >> + >> New Issue and create a new issue assigned to Chris “wally” Olson (VP of Alumni) in which you provide links to your submitted SOFs and motion to form a new alumni chapter
  4. The VP of Alumni will then put the motion before National Council, which will do a vote to approve and recognize the alumni chapter