Awards and Honors

Every year, Alpha Gamma Omega has the honor and privilege of awarding our members and chapters for outstanding service in their communities and beyond.

AGO Ministries Award

The AGO Ministries Award is awarded to a chapter for excellent work in partnership with AGO Ministries.

  • 2016 – Kappa Chapter
  • 2014 – Pi Chapter

Scholarship Award

The Scholarship Award is awarded to the chapter that demonstrates outstanding scholastic achievement.

  • 2019 – Phi Chapter, 3.66 GPA
  • 2018 – Omicron Chapter, 3.79 GPA
  • 2017 – Rho Chapter, 3.35 GPA
  • 2016 – Beta Chapter, 3.646 GPA
  • 2015 – Pi Chapter, 3.45 GPA
  • 2014 – Tau Chapter, 3.42 GPA

Price Trautwein Award

The Price Trautwein Award is awarded for excellent chapter administration.

  • 2019 – Psi Chapter
  • 2018 – Tau Chapter
  • 2017 – Eta Chapter
  • 2016 – Alpha Chapter
  • 2015 – Rho Chapter
  • 2014 – Kappa Chapter

R. Bryant Mitchell Award

The R. Bryant Mitchell Award was established in honor of R. Bryant Michell, 4A, to recognize what God is doing through Alpha Gamma Omega brothers who have labored faithfully as missionaries and to inspire current generations of actives.

  • 2019 – An Alpha Alum Serving in closed countries in Asian and Africa (name not included here for security purposes). He and his wife train pastors in countries where Christians are persecuted and suffering. 
  • 2018 – An Alpha Alum Serving Israel (name not included here for security purposes). He and his wife helped start a training program at a Bible college in Israel, where they also mentor students, are involved in outreach, and do leadership training. 
  • 2017 – An Alpha Alum
  • 2016 – David Brodsky (10Z). Serves as president and founder of The Global Mission, and as a missionary in more than 20 countries throughout the Middle Wast, Africa, Europe, the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • 2005 – Dr. Eugene Nida (82A). Pioneered dynamic-equivalence translation theory; laid the groundwork for the global United Bible Societies Translations Program; provided linguistics support for worldwide Bible translation efforts in over 90 countries.
  • 2003 – Rev. William A. Grubb (166A). Faithfully labored in rural South Korea for 38 years as an itinerant pastor, as a chaplain of the local Christian university, and as a professor at the regional seminary.
  • 2002 – S. William Antablin (125A). Trained indigenous leaders of the Middle East, and pastored churches in the United States and abroad.
  • 2001 – Christopher Crossan (436A). Missionary to the Muslim world.

Robert T. Andersen Award

This award was established in memory of Robert T. Andersen (100A) who served as the Chief Administrator of Riverside County, establishing the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and administrative skills both in the public service area and in the Christian community. This list of men have been selected to be honored because of their outstanding contributions in the areas of public (political) and Christian service.

  • 2018 – Jimmy Litle (Xi 51). Public Defender in Colorado Springs
  • 2017 – Terry Wood (611A).
  • 2016 – Jorge Martinez (64H). Texas Field Director at the Libre Initiative; Citizens Advisory Committee member, City of Mission, Texas; Texas Physician Assistant board member; and founding President of the Eta chapter in 2008.
  • 2013 – Roger Minassian (260A). Founder of Hope Now for Youth.
  • 2004 – Paul Navarro (371B). Deputy Secretary for Legislative Affairs in the office of Governor Schwarzenegger, Chief Advisor and Consultant to Republican Leadership in the California Assembly, member of the Board of Directors of the Alternative Pregnancy Resource Center in Sacramento, Sunday School teacher and short-term missionary.
  • 1998 – Robert Taylor (240A). Chairman of the California Health Policy Data Advisory Commission, appointed by Governor George Deukmejian in 1985, and member of the California Loan Advisory Committee.
  • 1997 – Bob Johnson (154A). 
  • 1995 – Barry Burnett (418A). Director of the California Association of Realtors, chairman of several California Association of Realtors policy committees, and board chairman of numerous charities.
  • 1994 – Dr. Louis Perry (84A). Chairman of the Board of Standard Insurance Company, President of Whitman College, President of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, and Chairman of the Governor’s Council of Economic Affairs.
  • 1993 – James Fisk (85A). LAPD Assistant Chief of Police, member of the Los Angeles Police Commission appointed by Mayor Tom Bradley, UCLA Department of Political Science faculty.
  • 1992 – Donald Bayne (332A). Political advocate for foster home children in the Halls of the State Legislature of California, advisor to the Alpha Gamma Omega Housing Corporation, and advisor to Chapter Treasurers.
  • 1991 – Robert T. Andersen, Jr. (380A). Christian education advocate, College professor, church and political leader, and member of the Alpha Gamma Omega Housing Corporation.
  • 1990 – Price Trautwein (92A). Member of the International Board of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, college trustee, comptroller and financial leader.
  • 1989 – Dr. Harold Lindsell (10B). Editor of Christianity TodayProfessor of law, founding faculty member of Fuller Theological Seminary, and author.
  • 1988 – Dr. E. Harlan Fischer (1A). Founder of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, pastor and Naval Chaplain, Christian education leader, and UCLA Sports Booster.
  • 1987 – Rev. R. Bryant Mitchell (4A). College professor, missionary, author, church leader, and historian.
  • 1986 – K. Arnold Liljegren (4A). Leader in the investment industry.
  • 1985 – Burton A. Currie (9A). Chair of the Union Rescue Mission, Chief Engineer at LA DWP, and church and missions leader.
  • 1984 – Lawrence Young (42A). Printer at Cloister Press, Bible Teacher, and President of the Alpha Gamma Omega Housing Corporation.
  • 1983 – Dr. Robert J. Rodin (75B). Professor of Botany at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, leading architect, and member of the SLO Symphony Orchestra.
  • 1982 – Dr. Dale Gibson Foster, M.D. (96A). Medical missionary in West Africa, and outstanding physician, surgeon, medical professor, and author.
  • 1981 – John Miles Zentmyer (52A). Chief controller of the Hawthorne Airport Tower.
  • 1980 – Rodney W. Rood (93A). Member of the LA 1984 Olympic Community, Vice President of Arco Corporation, church leader, and Member of the Alpha Gamma Omega Housing Corporation.

Bill Hoffman Lifetime Achievement Award

The Bill Hoffman Lifetime Achievement Award was established in honor of Bill Hoffman, former President and former First Herald of the Legion of Honor. Bill has served the fraternity faithfully for over fifty years. This award is given to men who have demonstrated a lifetime of service to Alpha Gamma Omega.

  • 2019 – Mike Wakamiya (567A)
  • 2017 – Barry Burnett (418A)
  • 2016 – Bob Anderson (380A)
  • 2015 – Roger Minassian (260A)
  • 2014 – Bob Taylor (240A)
  • 2013 – Bill Hoffman, Jr. (232A)