Giving FAQs

Question: How do I update my payment info?

Answer: You can log in to your donations account to update your payment info and manage your account settings. Your account will be associated with the email you use for your giving.

Click Here to view Giving Fuel’s (the website we use) complete instructions for how to claim your account, update your payment details, adjust your donation, or see your statements.

If you have any issues of difficulties, email [email protected] and we will assist you!


Question: How are my donations to AGO National and AGOm used?

Answer: They are used in several ways, all to better and further AGO to continue changing lives for Christ.

Through Alumni Dues

  • Supporting the expansion of AGO across the nation through new chapters
  • Funding our National Staff, who aim to grow AGO in depth of impact, help get new chapters started, disciple brothers, and leverage AGO to leave a bigger impact on brother’s faith.
  • Helping out our existing chapters through training and resources
  • Funding for additional National Staff

Through AGOm Donations

  • Funding one time gifts for AGO actives to go on short-term mission trips
  • Funding national staff specifically for ministry & leadership training for AGO men
  • Provide Christian resources & evangelism training
  • Focus on deepening the spiritual lives of both actives and alumni to be more like Christ

Through both options, you will be helping AGO men be disciples and make disciples together! 


A small portion of the money collected also goes towards administrative and operational costs associated with maintaining the websites. 


Question: Why should I give right now (in 2020)? 

Answer: The single full-time staff model we have right now isn’t sustainable. We need to hire an additional staff member to take us to the next level of leveraging AGO to its fullest potential for God. And we need YOUR help. 


Question: What are Dues, Blue, Gold, and Legacy status for Alumni Dues?


  • Dues status is for those who donate $10 per month
  • Blue status is for those who donate $25 per month
  • Gold status is for those who donate $50 per month
  • Legacy status is for those who donate $100 per month


Question: What’s the benefit of giving more than the standard dues?

Answer: “God loves a cheerful giver” (1 Cor. 9:7) and so do we! There’s the Scriptural benefit of storing up for yourself treasure in heaven (Matt. 6:19-21) and equipping AGO with the financial resources to more effectively Be Disciples and Make Disciples Together.

We also take these giving tiers into account when thanking the generous men and women who invest financially in what God is doing through AGO. Dues-paying alumni receive a discounted price for tickets at Founders Day and additional e-mail updates about how God is working through AGO. Those who give at the Blue status get free attendance at Founders Day. Gold and subsequent tiers receive free attendance for themselves and a spouse at Founders Day. Blue, Gold, and Legacy givers also receive additional free AGO gifts. 


Question: Are alumni dues tax deductible?

Answer: They are not. Alumni dues go directly to Alpha Gamma Omega National Fraternity (AGOn), which is not a tax-exempt organization.


Question: Are AGOm donations tax exempt?

Answer: Yes they are. AGOm is a 501c3 organization so all financial donations will be tax exempt.


Question: Can I pay by check instead of paying online?

Answer: Yes! You can make checks out to “AGO Nationals” if you wish to pay alumni dues, or to “AGO Ministires” if you wish to make a donation to them. You can mail the checks to the following addresses.

AGO Nationals

1968 South Coast Highway Unit 1927
Laguna Beach, CA 9265

AGO Ministries

1968 South Coast Highway Unit 535
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Question: Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Answer: E-mail the AGO national treasurer at [email protected]