The Future

Sometimes, our minds tend to dwell on things to come, especially during a time of social distancing when we have more time alone than before.

I have personally thought about the future quite a bit. I have thought and dreamed about where I will be in ten years, where I may live next, and what surprises God has in store for me.

I also think about AGO’s future as the brotherhood’s full-time staff. What does the future of AGO look like? While we let Christ lead us boldly through the present context, we have a hopeful eye on the horizon of our future.

Many of the discussions we have had on National leadership have focused on this, the future of AGO. We have begun to cast a vision for the framework of AGO for generations to come.

As National Staff, my personal focus with this vision is to help those who guide me begin to lay its foundation. My hope is when I hand off my role to my successor, they will get an AGO that is closer to this dream.

I am not going to share the full picture of it quite yet, I will leave that to my bosses for another time. But I would like to share with you a bit of it for AGO at the ground level.

We want men to continue to experience the transformative power of Christ through our fraternity. We want to look down from heaven and see men in the blue and gold boldly sharing the gospel on their campuses. We want to see men continue to be trained and sharpened as Godly leaders to lead their future homes, marriages, and workplaces in a Christ like way.

We want AGO to continue to do what it has been doing for its first almost 100 years for the next 100 years. I can attest to how our fraternity has impacted me since I got my pledge pin and I want men to continue to have that experience long after I am in heaven.

Each one of you can play a part in this vision. Through your prayers, to consider a monthly gift to the fraternity to help us to lay the foundation of the future AGO. For AGO today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

Will you join us in helping our vision for the future become reality?

Strong the Ties,

Owen “Gillespie” Welch, Z-254

AGO National Staff