One of the things I love about AGO is how consistently the fraternity has provided a foundation and template for men to grow in their knowledge of Christ and getting to know Him more intimately. When asked what level of impact AGO had on their spiritual lives during college, almost all answer that it was either very important or instrumental in that endeavor.

I was made aware how incredible this consistency within AGO actually is when I heard from Gary Akerstrom, Alpha 261. His story not only brings home this fact, but opened my eyes that this consistency was marked by his experience over 60 years ago. I think you will enjoy Gary’s story.

Often, we hear accounts of how people live a wild and destructive lifestyle while attending college only to formally accept Christ years later.  Now it is great that they have accepted Christ; however, they spent a lot of time and resources in college to improve their future occupational value, but they wasted an opportune time to invest in a lasting relationship with Christ.  They understand the basics of an investment which means you spend resources now so you can reap a greater return in the future.  But understanding is not the solution; implementing is the solution.

This illustrates the great potential that Alpha Gamma Omega has to really make a positive spiritual impact on a student’s future relationship with God. When I look back at my time at AGO in the late 50’s, it was definitely a time of spiritual investment. Not only a great time with Christian brothers at AGO, but also the opportunity to serve at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Young Life, and Campus Crusade when Bill and Vonette Bright were getting it started. (They had their first meetings a Henrietta Mears’ home across Sunset Boulevard from UCLA. Also, we made Bill an Honorary Member of AGO.) As you can see this was a memorable experience to me while at AGO

The bottom line is that AGO has a fantastic opportunity to guide college students who already understand the principles of investment to invest in a relationship that will “give them life and life more abundantly” (John 10:10).

I tell you what. My prayer is that 60 years from now, we have the same types of stories about young men investing in their relationship with Christ just like we are doing now and have been since 1927. I hope that you would be willing to give so that consistency will continue for generations to come.

Thank you,

Jim Johnson

AGO Ministries