AGO – Just a Young Man’s Thing?

I’ve been struck recently by all the changes playing out from the Covid19 pandemic. People are craving connectivity in a more meaningful way since so many of us are holed up in our homes. It has also made us reminisce to the point of taking actions we haven’t done in the past.  
As an example, there was a group text of Zeta alum that I was a part of recently that quickly led into a video call. There was maybe 12 of us on that video call. Some of these brothers I hadn’t seen for 10 or 20 years. It was so much fun to hear how people were doing and where they were working all while laughing a lot from old references from the many good memories during college and beyond.

It got me thinking how AGO is not just a time for young men in college. It is a lifelong / eternal bond that we share. I find it interesting how the Lord has used a very challenging time that has forced us to slow down enough to realize how much we need to cultivate those relationships.

I hear the longing of “getting back to normal.” But maybe, what we are craving and experiencing now, should be more of our normal. I am curious to see how the Holy Spirit will grow us to be more intentional with our brotherhood…even with those we maybe haven’t connected with in a long time. My prayer for all of us to think deeply about how the Lord will grow us in this area.

What would AGO look like on the alumni level if connecting was our default rather than temporary? What kind of impact would we have on each other? I think it would be significant and have profound implications.

I encourage you to challenge yourself and reach out to your many AGO alumni relationships. Then continue that in the months and years to come. It also excites me to see how we can build that more into our AGO Ministries structure as we work toward having a full-time minister working with all levels within AGO.

For this AGO alum, I’m liking more and more how AGO is not just a young man’s experience. Especially since I don’t fall into that “young” category anymore.

Keep praying for AGO at noon.

Jim Johnson serves as the chair of AGO Ministries
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