Middle East Mission Trip

“He was in Aleppo 8 years ago when one of the first bombs went off there. It was really cool to get to connect with this dude about who God was, and to get to present the Gospel to him.”

TJ Berry from our Santa Barbara Chapter went on a Cru mission trip to the Middle East this spring! This is a bit more of his story. 

“We spent three days on campus, talking to and meeting students that go to the university that is there. The most memorable conversation was talking to a man that was a refugee from Syria.”

The Syrian refugee from Aleppo “ended up coming to the Easter outreach that we did on Good Friday in a local hotel. 75 Middle Eastern students, from predominantly Islamic nations, showed up that night. 23 said that they wanted to hear more about who Jesus was on the response cards that we collected at the end of the event.”

“Thanks for walking with me through this experience. Through your faithfulness, the Gospel was sown widely in the Middle East, and there are still laborers over there doing follow up on the work tat we did over Spring Break.”