Active Summer Missions

AGO Ministries, Inc. was able to help support four actives this year on their summer missions trips. Here are a couple updates from some of our collegiate members. Thanks to all who support AGOm through Alumni Dues and generous donations! You can support AGOm by going to!

A few AGO brothers have been in Santa Monica with CRU since Mid June. Two brothers, Matt Woo (Π233) and Gen Nakamura (Π86), are both on staff and were here for the first four weeks of the mission. Conner Evans (A896) and I are here with 70 other college students from throughout the US. We are working to spread the Gospel and build his Kingdom on the Westside of Los Angeles. Conner has been placed in charge of the weekly meeting team and I have been placed in charge of the Worship team and discipling two young men. We’ve seen over 30 people come to Christ and thousands of spiritual conversations being initiated every day. God is growing us as Christian Young Men and teaching us to be missional and to grow in community.

Caleb “Kenai” Gonzalez Z232

This summer, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to serve in Tecate, Mexico for a month. We did many things including visiting various orphanages in Tijuana, but we mainly worked on the construction of a children’s home. Mi Casa Children’s home will be home to over 50 orphans and will provide the kids with a family atmosphere and Christ-centered environment. God is doing amazing things and I’ve been blessed to be a part of it!

Daniel “Drift” Hancock 320E

AGO Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 charity, separate from Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity. AGOm provides financial support for missions, ministry, and scholarship.