Training our Future Leaders

By Jon Rasmussen

Over Labor Day weekend, the Kappa chapter graciously hosted the 2014 AGO Presidents’ Retreat. The weekend was geared towards equipping the various chapter presidents with the skills they will need to lead their respective chapters into the upcoming year.

The weekend was filled with lessons on everything from the specific logistics of running a chapter—interfacing with the new website, guidelines for weekly meetings, and National’s expectations—to general tips on making our chapters thrive—suggestions on recruitment practices, how to build up our chapters spiritually, and how to engage with our alumni to help AGO better deliver on its pledge as a “Fraternity for Eternity.” The presidents were also able to share some of the struggles that their chapters have been going through and brainstorm about possible strategies to alleviate the issues.

While much of the time was spent in these formal meetings, it was certainly not without its fair share of fun. Kappa alumni and SLO locals will be happy to hear that we hit most of the main attractions in the area: a morning hike up Bishop’s Peak, lunch at High Street Deli, and dinner at Firestone. We ultimately closed the weekend with an evening bonfire up at Cayucos State Beach complete with ultimate frisbee, s’mores, and worship.

One of the constant themes for the weekend was the importance of having a vision. After the weekend, I think I speak for all the chapter presidents when I say that we came away with a new vision for what AGO can and should be; from the collegiate chapter level, through the alumni, and up through the national level. We want to strengthen the brotherhood that is Alpha Gamma Omega not only among each chapter’s individual active body, but across our different campuses.

Moving forward, we could certainly use all your prayers to help us achieve this new vision. Please be praying for recruitment not only during our individual rush seasons, but throughout the year. Please also be praying for the spiritual health of all our chapters. Finally, please be praying that God would continue to bless this Fraternity and truly make it a “Fraternity for Eternity.”

Jon “O’Malley the Alley Cat” Rasmussen is a member of Alpha Gamma Omega, Alpha Chapter, at UCLA.